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Day 10 - Best Anime Villain

Yagami Light, Death Note

Why? He’s a badass a villain that’s why. He managed to trick the best detective ever, L that he was not Kira, until L died. He’s a smartass dude full of self confidence and ideas. He was even able to get near to L and work with him to lower the suspicion L had. 

Light really, at the beginning, thought he was doing good. But as time went on his heart became a evil soul caught up in killing criminals, power misuse, ending him being a criminal himself. Even though he is one of my favorite anime characters, he helped in killing L. I can never forgive him for that. Light really put justice in his own hands. He is smart and that is how he managed to trick L, but he in the end was defeated by Near. Like what the heck!? Light you out smart my third favorite anime character and then you get defeated by the little brat Near! But all in all Lights heart really became evil until the day he died.

Enough said, best villain ever. 

Day 9 - Saddest Anime Scene

Clannad After Story: Ushio cries 

Spoiler alert:

Honestly, my tears were flowing when Nagisa died, and when they introduced Ushio, their daughter…. I couldn’t take it anymore. This episode or the scene where Ushio cried because she lost her toy was a heartbreaker for me. This scene tore me apart. First, Tomoya’s cold reactions to his daughter, blaming her for Nagisa’s death was already devastating enough, and then later when he “finally realized [who] he needed to protect.”. 


After finally coming to terms with the love he has for his daughter, his failures to live up to his promises, and admitting how much he really loved Nagisa, Tomoya’s and Ushio’s shared tears were transforming and purifying, he changed from the lifeless robot he had become back into the kind and caring person that Nagisa loved so much. I cried several times while watching this episode, but not all tears are a bad thing, sometimes they can be tears of joy.  

PS. Ushio is so darn cute.